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Matchmaking services — or how to find a partner

The problems connected with partner search are rather old, and people of different ages and statuses face the same difficulties on this path of love. We all need a loving partner who will support us and understand, whatever happens. A person who loves the same, who is always up to go with you, no matter where you are going. And even though there are more than 7 billion human beings on the planet, it’s still hard to say how many of them can meet such conditions. But we know one thing for sure, that each of us has a perfect match. Our world was created for love, and so it’s just impossible not to find suitable partners. The only question is how to do it among this crowd.

Don’t worry about it, we know the answer. Progress doesn’t mean only flying cars and more powerful weapons, it also serves to help people with their fundamental problems, such as relationships, for example. Thus, we have invented the internet that allows us now to connect single people together with the help of special websites dedicated to dating. We know how to help you and we will do it with joy. Are you with us?

What is matchmaking?

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There are many different services on the internet, and they offer various features and tools. Today, we are going to talk about matchmaking systems. Just to clarify everything a bit, let us tell you what matchmaking is without complex words and scientific terms. This is a system that finds suitable partners for you using the latest algorithms. Without getting too deep into the working process of such services, it’s hard to figure out how everything works. In a few words, matchmaking is your personal assistant that provides you with potential partners. This makes your life much easier, doesn’t it? But let’s rewind a bit and take a look at such services more closely. 

The first visit

You have used some sites before, right? This means you know how they are structured in general. But every type of site has its own peculiarities that make it unique. Moreover, every site on the internet has its own unique structure. Regarding the niche of dating sites, there are a lot of interesting features that you need to know about. So let’s make a little virtual trip to help you visualize one of these services. Based on your knowledge about websites and other online resources, you can imagine how everything looks like and prepare yourself for use. 

When you open the homepage you see a beautifully designed layout with various icons and buttons. Here you can always find the most important facts about the service you are using at the moment, useful links, and, of course, the sign-up/log-in button. The interface is created specifically that way to suit any kind of user: from young to old. Navigation is simple and easy to understand, so you won’t have a lot of questions about where to find necessary tabs. Your task here is to click on the sign-up button and create a free account. Registration takes only a few minutes and requires only general information. Don’t forget to confirm your email address to access the site.

Being a member

After you have created an account, you gain access to the site’s features. Here everything depends on the type of site and your membership status. There are only 3 types of online dating services: free, paid, and partially free. They differ by the number of available features for free members. The first type has no limits for all users, which means you can use everything for free as long as you want to. The second type has nothing for standard members, and the last one offers a full range of features only for premium members who purchased a subscription plan. Let’s begin with the simplest type.

Free platforms

What do free matchmaking services offer to their members? A standard pack of features is enough to achieve success and find a partner. This pack includes the most important functions, such as the search, communication features, and the opportunity to browse others’ profiles. You can set your preferences to let the matchmaking system find a suitable partner for you, check his or her profile, and start communicating with this person if you think you are compatible with each other. The most popular communication method is messaging. It’s simple, fast, and it’s enough to get a little closer to each other and arrange a date.

Premium features

We combined two types because it’s obvious that paid services do not limit their users and offer the same functionality that is available for premium members on other services. So, what privileges VIP users have? There is a bunch of functions that can make the search faster and simpler:

  • Notes. You can leave small notes that are visible only to you on users’ profile pages. This is needed to remember crucial facts about certain members if you will ever meet them again.
  • Unlimited suggestions. Unlike free users, you will receive more suggested accounts every day. This increases the chance of a perfect match and makes the process faster. 
  • Compatibility tests. Premium membership gives you the opportunity to pass a special test that will make the compatibility calculation more accurate. You can see the bar with your compatibility level on every profile page.
  • Advanced communication means. Some services offer more options for premium users, such as video chats, voice messages, and the possibility to attach media files to messages.
  • Support. All members can get the most dedicated support, but premium users’ inquiries will be replied to faster. 

The matchmaking algorithms

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This information is not that important for regular users, but if you want to understand the nuances of personal matchmaking services better, it’s good to know everything about them. As you already know, each member has a profile page with a great amount of personal data. These data are collected and analyzed by the machine to find patterns and coincidences between different users. Once the system has found a match, it notifies members, providing them with a suggestion. To ensure efficient, proper work of these algorithms, its’ essential to fill in your profile carefully. Otherwise, the system will not be able to complete the procedure and will provide worse results.

A guide on filling in your profile

Since it’s essential to fill in your profile properly, we want to give you a few pieces of advice about how to do it. There is nothing complicated in this task, but you may not know about such life hacks because you have never done it before. That’s why you don’t even realize yet what aspects are more important here. So, here is what will make your online dating experience better:

  • No blank fields. Let’s repeat this golden rule just to gather all helpful tips in one place. Fill in all the fields you can find even if you don’t want to share some information about yourself. You are here to find a soulmate who will love you, your strong sides, and your downsides. Don’t be afraid to open your heart.
  • No lies. It’s also crucial to provide only true information. What’s the point of tricking your potential partner? He or she will find out the truth anyway, and it will be nothing but a waste of time.
  • Update information. Whenever you have some changes in your life, it’s better to tell other members about them. Even if you have gained some weight or graduated from college. This can be important for someone, and maybe this person is your future partner. Who knows?
  • Make it unique. Matchmaking chooses the best candidates for every member, but you are still just a part of a group of candidates. This means that your competition is not over when the system suggests you to your perfect match. You have to beat other competitors. That’s why you must make your profile catchy and creative — to make people notice you.

Communication lessons

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Even the most executive matchmaking services cannot guarantee you success if you do nothing. Of course, you don’t have to be a pickup master, your main aim is to be yourself and look for a partner who will love you the way you are. Your obligation is to know how to communicate on such services not to look silly or awkward. And we know some life hacks that may help you:

  • Etiquette. Being polite means you are mature and educated enough to start a serious relationship. All people should know this rule and use it every day. Do your best and try to stick to etiquette at least with your partner.
  • Effort. The lack of real emotions on the internet causes you to put more effort into communication. Say more compliments, describe things that you would not describe in real life, and use words instead of emojis. 
  • Good impression. If you want to initiate contact, make sure you have a good phrase that you can use to begin a conversation. This is pretty important because it has a great influence on what will happen next. The more catchy greeting you think up — the more chances you get that the person you are texting will reply.
  • Positive vibes. Establish a nice, friendly, calm atmosphere that will show people that you are a good, positive person, and there is a lot to expect from talking to you. Keep your negative thoughts aside.
  • Take your time. We all know why we are here, and there is no point in reminding others about the aim of the site. Just enjoy a conversation and try to have a good time, don’t hurry to become a couple.  First, you should become friends.


We have tried different platforms and read plenty of matchmaking services reviews, but we haven’t found that much information about the process of partner search and how to build a strong, healthy relationship. And we decided to tell you as much as we know to help you find the best partner and become a happier person. We don’t need anything from you except for a good success story about how you met your soulmate on the internet. The happiness is close, and now you know how to reach it using special online services. We are waiting for everyone who needs help!

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