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Dating a widower man — how does it feel like?

Accidents are random and merciless. It may happen to lose a spouse one day. No matter how kindly you both treat each other, it’s a disaster that is tough to overcome. When a man loses his wife, he doesn’t start new relationships soon. But it’s necessary to forget your loss and stop grieving, to continue living. Widowers are usually not young, and they are less communicable to meet new people on the streets. There are just no opportunities for them. That’s why they need some help and motivation.

Dedicated services connect widowers from different countries with single girls who want to date nice handsome gentlemen. Thanks to this site, it’s easy to find a partner who suits you the most. Learn about the site’s features, working processes, and peculiarities of such a type of relationship. 

Pros and Cons

dating a widower red flags

We believe that you must know as much as possible about this phenomenon before you can say whether it’s a good idea or not. Besides, you may change your mind and don’t waste your valuable resources, such as time and energy, due to the facts below. Many people have a preconceived attitude towards widowers, but take a look at what you get from dating one. 


  • widowers treat their soulmates much more tender and respectful, compared to the majority of other singles;
  • experienced men know how to behave in problematic situations in relationships, and they can build a close-knit family;
  • widowers who can deal with a loss become the strongest people on the planet; 
  • no ex-partners will bother your time;
  • you can count on strong, long-term relationships.


  • such relationships usually require a lot of time and effort at the beginning;
  • a widower may have some complications. 

Why is an online service a good place for widowers to search for a partner? There is a large community of amazing people from different parts of the world on the service. They can even find a new partner from Russia or Ukraine because there are thousands of beauties from these two countries on the site. 

To the right choice

The first thing that is necessary to be done is to choose the best site. This is essential because the quality of the service defines your chances to succeed. To know how to choose a site, you must realize what it should look like.

When you visit a site, you must see a well-structured homepage with an accurate layout and a beautiful design. Everything should look bright and colorful but not toxic to keep you relaxed and satisfied. Fonts have to be readable, icons and buttons should be noticeable. Appearance plays the main role in making the first impression. Then comes an interface that also can’t be bad. It should be possible for any user, no matter who it is, to figure out how the site works as fast as possible. Navigation is an essential part of any platform because it leads users to all the features. 

In a few words, this is what you search for. Keep in mind a picture of a perfect dating service and compare the real picture to what you imagine. Does it match? 

The best dating a widower website offers a wide range of functions and a great community that will satisfy even the most sophisticated users. This is a well-developed website with a beautiful colorful design and an extremely intuitive interface. No matter how experienced you are, you won’t face complications upon the use. Click on the sign-up button and follow simple instructions to complete registration. After that, you will obtain your profile page where you need to carefully fill in all the fields. The amount of information you provide affects the accuracy of your dating experience. 

Follow some tips on how to achieve success using the site and you will get the best results: first of all, put some effort into completing your profile. Make it interesting, informative, unique, and full. Do not provide out-of-date or false information, take a few new shots of yourself, and upload them. Carefully set up your preferences based on your ideal match and start searching for a partner. Choose the most suitable members out of the results according to information from their profiles and initiate communication. 


Users are provided with a bunch of useful functions that are supposed to help them achieve success. The first and one of the main functions is the search function. It allows members to find the most suitable partners among all the profiles on the site. It’s simple to use and requires no special skills. Just choose the parameters you want to see in your potential partner and initiate the search.

The second feature is also very important and it’s a messenger. It allows you to exchange messages with other members, which is the main part of dating. You can get to know more about a person better in personal conversations. Share your feelings, news, and just talk about whatever you want.

You can also add members to the list of your favorites, send flirts, and add notes about profiles. Use these functions to mark members and keep in touch with them. 

Problems and complications

dating a very recent widower

Dating a widower is connected with various unique aspects that are not always easy to handle. Although you can obtain the best relationship, you have to realize that it depends on both partners. Here are some red flags of dating a widower for you to know to be able to avoid problematic situations and broken relationships: 

  • If a widower values his previous partner more than you and keeps going back to the memories of the past life after a while, it’s not ok, you’d better stop such a relationship. Usually, 1 year is enough to overcome a loss if you have decided to start new relationships.
  • Another common case when a man keeps too much of his previous spouse’s stuff. If you can’t talk it over and find a compromise, it means a widower is not ready yet.
  • It’s ok when widowers search for a partner that has a lot in common with the partner that was before. But it’s inappropriate to always compare a new partner with the old one. 
  • You have to be a part of his life. This means you can’t be a kind of secret. If you think your partner is hiding you from his family or friends, and there is something suspicious in his actions, you have to figure out what’s happening.

Dating a widower problem

We were talking about some signs that indicate hypothetical troubles. Now, let’s discuss complicated situations and how to solve them:

  • The first situation concerns dating a single dad widower. If you decide that you are ok with such terms, you may still feel uncomfortable. To overcome these feelings, you should become friends with children and enjoy time together.
  • Dating a very recent widower may also be a problem. A grieving person needs support and care. Take your time and be patient. Once you help him overcome his loss, he will become a strong person that gives you back even more.

Online dating message tips

We believe you will figure out how to use other functions on your own, that’s why we don’t want to waste time describing how to search and so on. What is really important is your first message. Why? If you can make a person want to reply to you, it’s 50% of success. Make your initial phrase unusual but not weird. Don’t say «Hi» or «Hello» — it’s boring. Think up an interesting question or learn some phrases in the language of your potential partner if you are talking to a foreign member. This will work well.

One more great way to flatter a woman is to send her a gift. Many platforms allow users to send either real or virtual gifts. This is a feature that many people forget about. Women like to feel like they are little princesses when everyone around tries to satisfy them. 

Stay online

dating a single dad widower

No matter where you are or what time it is, the customer support team works for you 24×7. With the help of the mobile version, you can use the site’s features from any place in the world. This version is available for any user for free and it has all the same functions. This is a great opportunity for people that have no time to sit in front of the computer or for those who don’t want to stay in one place. At a coffee break, at work, on the road — continue searching for love. You don’t need to download additional apps or install special software, just visit the site using any mobile browser. Android and iOS users can enjoy the mobile version whenever they want!


If you are concerned about security, you should know about the site’s protection. Online dating is connected with providing personal and financial information. That’s why it’s necessary to protect the connection with SSL encryption so that your data cannot be stolen. In addition to this, the privacy policy doesn’t allow sharing your data with third parties. You don’t have to worry about how safe you are. If something goes wrong, there is a team of moderators that will help you. Do not be afraid to report violations and technical issues. We are always glad to help you!

Customer support

If you have questions or issues, you have to solve them as fast as possible. For such purposes, there is a customer support service that is easy to reach by submitting an inquiry via the feedback form. Just choose the subject and describe your problem. You will receive a response in 1 day. 

Visit the FAQ page to find a solution to an urgent issue. This section of the site contains a great number of popular inquiries, which helps to decrease the load of the support team. Use the search bar to find exactly what you need/


Now you know that dating a widower over 50 is not a problem at all. Widowers can find a partner without a need to go outside and look for someone who really respects one’s partner and knows how to handle all of the complicated situations. Love is work, and it requires a lot of time and energy to build something wonderful. But in the end, you will get the most precious bounty. It’s totally worth trying, and there is nothing to be scared about. Use the internet to reach your goals. A dating website is a platform for singles who realize the necessity of love. Register for free and try to use the site’s opportunities on your own!

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